Lorex Sweet Peep Review

The Lorex Sweet Peep (BB2411) did a good job in our review tying with two other products and landing 3rd place. It offers a lot of features for a budget friendly price, and it does most things fairly well. In our tests it performed about average in each metric, receiving its highest score for battery life and respectable scores for sound and video. It also offers useful features like sound activation, a nightlight, lullabies, talk to baby, and digital zoom, all for a price that is not only reasonable but cheaper than over half the products in this review. This is why we gave the Sweet Peep our Best Value award. We recommend this product for parents who want a monitor that has more than basic video capabilities, but who don’t want to pay a lot of money for things they don’t need or won’t use.


Samsung SafeVIEW Review

The Samsung SafeVIEW (SEW-3037W) monitor scored 61 out of 100 in our tests, scoring in the top third of 14 products reviewed. This monitor seems like a good idea, especially if you like Samsung products. However, it fails to deliver on some pretty basic components of a video monitor, namely good video. So while it checks most of the boxes for features parents might be looking for, and it does some things well like sound quality, it did not do well in our tests for video quality or clarity. For the price it, didn’t measure up to units that were cheaper. All this, coupled with its lower overall score, make it a product we don’t recommend.


Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

The Philips Avent SCD603/10 is a basic monitor with video capabilities. While it offers better than average sound and a long battery life, it fails to offer good video images and features parents might want in this kind of product. Tying for 3rd of 14 put it in a better position than some of the competition, but given the better video scores of the other products with a similar score it still failed to impress. This monitor is easy to use and has a brand name parents recognize, but the poor performance and higher price tag make it a model we don’t recommend.


Nest Cam Review

Google has replaced the Dropcam Pro with the Nest Cam, and given how well the Dropcam did in our review for video monitors for baby, we thought it prudent to update the review with the details on the Nest Cam and how it compares to the Dropcam and the other video monitoring products. With improvements including a more industrial design and upgraded resolution from 720p to 1080p, there have been some changes to the product, but overall most of what we loved in the Dropcam remains in the Nest Cam. We’re not sure the 1080p will be that big of a deal to most users since the Dropcam Pro required significant bandwidth with 720p resolution and gracefully downshifts to lower resolution if bandwidth is limited, but it is an improvement and true geeks might find it more intriguing than the average parent. The price remains unchanged compared to the Dropcam Pro at $199, making it a comparable value to the original product.

It’s not often we come across a product that impresses us so much it is hard to find fault with it. So while this camera is not necessarily intended as a monitor for baby, it does the job well if you keep certain limitations in mind. This camera sports Wi-Fi connection, impressive reliability for a product of its type, excellent video and sound, and enough features and device compatibility to keep baby under watch for hours. It earned significantly more points than any other monitor in our review coming in first out of 14 products. We love the Nest Cam and gave it a Top Pick award for WiFi monitors. We gave its predecessor, the Dropcam, an Editors’ Choice award, but made the decision to change the award to a Top Pick given its limitations related to Internet speed and the fact that for most parents it is far more “monitor” than they really need or possible want to bother with. Parents looking for a great dedicated unit for keeping an eye on baby should look at our Best Value pick the Lorex Sweet Peep. This monitor doesn’t stream to the internet and is simpler to use and requires no WiFi connection.